The Academy

The Academy's journey began in January 2018 when Chloe May decided to combine her professional dance training and experience will her teaching expertise. Her strong desire to inspire children to dance and develop lifelong skills meant that setting up the Academy was a no brainer!

We're a passionate and highly qualified school. Our focus is on teaching dance styles with strong foundations in technique and versatility. The styles of Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Acro, are subjects that serve children well into their dance futures, no matter which dance styles they choose to specialise in. They even lend themselves appropriately to completely different dance styles such as hip hop and freestyle - yes, really!

We strive to ensure that children find fun, reward and self expression in their dance classes with us. Investing in dance classes is a worthwhile pursuit, like learning to play the piano or learning to speak another language. It's a skill that is easy enough to try, but one that takes a lot of commitment to develop!

We hope that each and every child that passes through the doors of the Academy will enjoy their classes with us and cultivate one or more of the endless list of skills that dance offers including good posture, physicality, musicality, creativity, self-confidence, communication and teamwork.