Ballet is a highly specialised and classical style of dance. It involves performing a precise set of movements with technical excellence and elegance. 

Pupils learn the core foundations of Ballet through enjoyable exercises and activities, and will ultimately develop the ability to form good posture and move gracefully around a space.

Our Ballet classes offer fantastic benefits to your child including improved concentration skills, physical awareness, balance and discipline. We ensure that pupils learn Ballet in a fun, accessible and nurturing environment. 

Reception and Year 1

pupils follow the First and Foundation Ballet with Melody Bear syllabi and are rewarded with stickers and medals for their efforts and participation. Stickers can be collected on sticker cards, available in Melody Bear packs which you will receive upon registration. 

Year 2+: 

pupils study the International Dance Teachers' Association (IDTA) syllabus with the option to take official examinations, recognising their progress and achievements in Ballet.