Melody Bear 


Pre-school Ballet and Tap classes are divided into two separate age ranges of 2-3 years and 3-4 years. Our youngest children dance in 'Mummy and Me' style classes whilst 3-4 year olds dance independently. The award-winning Melody Bear syllabus is the core foundation of our Melody Movers (Ballet/Creative Dance) and Tip Tap Toe (Tap) dance classes. Your child will just love learning with Melody and Milligan Bear through storytelling and games!


The syllabus serves as the perfect introduction to dance for young children. Your child is taught to dance through movement activities that they can relate to, such as jumping, skipping, crawling and running.

Early Learning classes are designed to aid your child's development in a variety of ways, from improving spatial awareness, coordination and physicality, to encouraging their levels of creativity and expression. 

Counting, shapes, vocabulary and language are also part of the fun! Pupils will sometimes be asked to pair up or work in a group, which is a great way for them to learn about team work and communication. 

Pupils can watch themselves progress as they collect stickers on sticker cards which you will receive upon registration. Pupils are also rewarded with medals for their efforts and participation.

The Melody Bear award schemes cater for pupils who may have missed a class or new pupils that join mid-term, meaning that no child is placed at a disadvantage.