Acro Antics


This dynamic dance form combines Modern dance technique with acrobatic movements. Fun and energetic, this class suits children who are full of beans, as they will learn to dance on their feet and their hands! The dance style has been made popular by Cirque De Soleil and more recently the TV programme 'Dance Moms'.


Our Acro Antics classes are suitable for children in Reception/Year 1 (with no prior experience of Acro/Gymnastics) or their last year of pre-school (ages 3-5). With the help of our course's character mascot, Acorn the Ant, children learn the foundations of Acro Dance and achieve stickers and medals to celebrate their progress. 

Classes cover five key Acro skill areas: strength, flexibility, balance/co-ordination, tumbling (e.g. cartwheels and forward rolls) and dance. Classes also include team building exercises to develop children's social skills in preparation for partner/group work. Getting the basics right and developing strength and flexibility is the key to long term success in Acro Dance. This class is perfect requisite to our Junior Acro classes which children can then move onto when they reach age 6. 

Chloe May has a background in gymnastics and is a fully qualified Acro teacher up to Level 6 (Acrobatic Arts). We are proud to be one of the few schools in the country to offer the fully structured and certified Acrobatic Arts syllabus at our Academy.

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Elliana and Lilliana from 'Dance Moms' performing an Acro Dance duet

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