Tap & Modern

Tap Dance

Tap is an exciting form of dance that is characterised by wearing tap shoes to create different kinds of rhythmic beats with toes and heels.

At the Academy, pupils are introduced to Tap dance in an engaging and playful manner. They will learn how to tap their feet in time and keep steady, clear beat patterns. 

Tap is perfect for helping children with their coordination skills and developing their understanding of percussion. Not only will they enjoy experimenting with creating beats and sounds using their feet, it will also help them to become a more disciplined performer.

Modern Dance

Modern dance is a rhythmic and theatrical form of dance which is often used in musical theatre productions. The style rebels against the classical structures of Ballet to an extent, but nonetheless, it still requires discipline and technique.


At the Academy, pupils develop strength, flexibility and musicality by engaging with the travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns associated with this highly energetic style of dance. Pupils also have lots of fun and grow in confidence as they get to express their individuality and personality through the various Modern dance routines. 

Reception and Year 1: 

Pupils follow the First and Foundation Tap/Modern with Melody Bear syllabi and are rewarded with stickers and pin badges for their efforts and participation. Stickers are collected on sticker cards which you will receive upon registration.

Year 2+:

Pupils study the International Dance Teachers' Association (IDTA) syllabus with the option to take official examinations, recognising their progress and achievements in Tap and Modern.